Apco ChairBag II Paragliding Harness

No need to carry a separate backpack with an Apco CHAIRBAG paragliding harness. The Ergonomic backpack design with gel-padded shoulder straps converts easily to a full featured paragliding harness. With its light weight and dual function the ChairBag harness makes a perfect choice for flying holidays, hiking or vol-bivouac flying. The ChairBag paragliding harness also makes a great kiting harness or tandem passenger harness. With ample adjustablility the Chairbag harness fits most pilots.
ChairBag Classic and ChairBag Integral II Paragliding Harness
With two models AND two colors to choose from(black w/red or black w/blue), the Apco ChairBag harness is among the lightest full-featured convertible harnesses on the market.
ChairBag Classic 2.5 Kg (seat plate incl.) The ChairBag Classic can be used with an external reserve.
ChairBag Integral II 2.9 Kg (seat plate incl.) The ChairBag Integral II has an integrated reserve compartment for an Apco Mayday or other reserve parachute. It has its own reserve bridle sewn in.

Now Available with Optional Composite Seat Plate: Saves 300 grams, over 10 ounces!

The Apco Chairbag comes standard with a plywood seat plate which weights 500 grams. The new optional lightweight composite seat plate weighs only 200 grams, saving 300 grams. An ergonomic seat board specially designed for Chairbags harnesses made of “airtex” with carbon fiber technology. Adds $90 to the price, but makes your Chairbag Harness over 10 ounces lighter! Be sure to order separately along with your Chairbag Harness at the APCOWEST STORE.

ChairBag backpack/harness Features
  • Double air chamber system for controlled air release on impact, two vents for a better seal on impact
  • Lightweight “X” frame for stable inflation with replaceable battens, Airbag protection for neck area too
  • Integrated bridle for emergency parachute connection
  • Built in Velcro bridle guides with reinforced fool-proof reserve hook up points
  • Classic fits most external reserves on the market, suitable for front and side-mounted reserve containers
  • All buckles are lightweight quick-lock type for ease of use and buckles functional with winter gloves on
  • Loop and slide adjusters for one-handed in-flight adjustment
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum – Aviation grade hardware
  • More room for storage than most backpack/harnesses, and more comfortable to carry the load
  • Additional removable sack in back pocket for storage, backpack has reflective strip for better visibility
  • Two side pockets for easy in-flight access on Classic (One side pocket on Integral, opposite the reserve compartment)
  • The ChairBag is Speedbar ready. For ease of use and weight saving, use APCO’s WonderBar
To purchase an Apco ChairBag Harness visit the APCOWEST STORE.

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