Apco Lambada DHV 2 paraglider

Apco Lambada paraglider dhv 2

Are you an ambitious cross-country pilot, who wants to have a glider that makes you feel at home from the first moment? Are you a competitive pilot, who won’t compromise on safety and still wants the best performance around? Are you an uncompromising pilot, when it comes to handling? In short – aren’t you the best and deserve the best?

Then the LAMBADA is the perfect glider for you!

LAMBADA is Apco’s latest cross country high-performance glider, which has the finest handling ever made by APCO. Intensive work on research and development made the LAMBADA a flawless combination of excellent safety and high-performance, a balance unmatched previously.

The performance of LAMBADA has been compared and proved superior to any glider in its Class, even surpassing the performance of some hottest ships from rival companies.
The 2008 LAMBADA is now made with the “new and improved” version of Gelvenor. The latest Gelvenor fabric is lighter, yet has even better endurance, allowing Apco to offer a LIFE-TIME warranty on the Apco LAMBADA and all Apco paragliders.
Tired of wasting your time, struggling to stay at the top? Your flying time is a precious commodity. Enjoy your play time to the fullest with the most sensational of APCOs’ creations.
LAMBADA COMPETITION version features optional comp lines and risers with trimmers for superior performance.

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