Apco Twister acro freestyle paraglider

Apco Aviation  Twister acro free style paraglider

Twister 2007 Limited Edition - Striking new color designs.
Only a few months out , the Twister 18 is rapidly gaining approval among top pilots on the Acro circuit. The Twister's unique profile offers excellent dynamics, handling and safety for an aerobatic wing. Expert coastal pilots are discovering the joy of soaring in high winds until now reserved only for hang-gliders. A signature Limited Edition batch with a refreshing asymmetric graphic design has been in production since January 2007. The Twister is the wing of choice of the Acrotwinz, directors of paragliding movie
LIFT, recently released.

Following the recent success of the Twister 18, Apco has launched the Twister 16 for lighter pilots (and those looking for more adrenalin).

There's no Acro wing quite like the Twister but don't take our word. Just fly one !

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