Apco Wonderbar speed bar

Experienced pilots want optimal use of their speed system for safety and increased performance during a paragliding flight. The Wonderbar provides easy access during flight and full range use of your speed system, with easy adjustments to maximize safety and performance.
  • Apco Wonderbar is a two-step integrated speed bar
  • Wonderbar speed bar is always available, with easy access, no more fumbling!
  • Neat and elegant, the Wonderbar is universal and can be used on every harness with any glider
  • With the two-Step system all of the accelerated speed range is available, no sacrifice of speed range
  • Wonderbar is made from Zicral aluminum tube, with integrated steel wire, top quality materials
  • Wonderbar comes complete with speed bar cord and clamps for quick and easy attachment
To purchase an Apco Wonderbar visit the Apcowest Store.

Easy access two step design eliminates fumbling for your speedbar!

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